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About michelleenvogue

Hi, my name is Sabine and I am the owner of the fashion jewelry online store michelle-en-vogue.com
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  1. Sabine Zettl says:

    Hi Ladies,

    Wow! My own “About Me Page”. So far, my life has never completely been “about me”. Rather, it has focused on my family and my moves across the world: from Europe to the U.S., to Mexico and then back to the U.S. again. Don’t get me wrong; I have loved every second of it, but now it is time for a change!

    My name is Sabine Zettl and I was born and raised in Germany. My family and I have enjoyed living in the U.S. for the past couple of years.

    Early on, I found my professional destiny, and it could not be truer for me now; fashion is my passion. I started my career in Germany as a sales representative in the fashion industry, only to become a sales manager shortly afterwards. When our third child was born, I decided to quit my job and start selling clothes out of our home; which I continued during our time in the U.S.

    Two years ago, I was ready to launch a new website, fusing European and American fashion. Unfortunately however, as we all had to learn the hard way, the economy took an unexpected nosedive. But now is the time to make dreams come true! I am proud to present to you a new fashion website: Michelle-en- Vogue.

    The idea behind this website is to bring together the great world of American iconic fashion with European classic and elegance (read more about that on our blog). On this site, you will find both well-known designers, as well as great creative designers who are taking their first steps into the U.S. market.

    I would like to invite you ladies, to join me on this exciting fashion adventure. Please let me know any comments or wishes you may have. Follow me on our blog, and I will take you on a fashion trip to Europe and the U.S. I cannot wait to learn more about you!

    Best, Sabine

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